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New stuff.

2007-08-07 13:23:13 by Ronald-McDonald-LoL

I haven't made a news post in a long time. So, heres some random things that have happened in the past week. Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
1. Still having extreme mood swings, the after-effects of Nikkiey leaving.
2. Birthday is coming up on the 21st, I'll be 16, I'm going to Cedar Point and I can take 1 friend with me, but I haven't decided who yet.
3. Losing sleep every night, for two nights straight I didn't sleep, damn you Nikkiey!
4. I've had some fun in the past few days, see the Santabot thread for more. The link's in my sig.
5. Made a few new friends.
6. I've gotten so pissed of that I wanted to kill someone.
7. I've been called an emo.
8. Tried to get Nikkiey back, no sucess yet. Alright, I give up.
9. 1337 post is done.

New stuff.


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2007-08-07 14:16:29

...who called you emo?

(Updated ) Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

A friend, based on how I was feeling. OK it was nikkiey herself.


2007-08-07 16:38:53

Posted some Santa convos on Page 10 like I promised.

Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

They were pretty good.


2007-08-10 11:06:50


Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

Fucking hot.


2007-08-11 18:21:41

damn Nikkiey sounds hot, mind if i slowly take my shirt off and rub banana milk between her eyes

Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

She's damn hot and I was damn lucky that she liked me for a time.


2007-08-11 22:14:31

You're on your way to perfect coolness.

Good luck.

Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

haha, thanks.


2007-08-21 14:37:16

Your coolest dude i know. You ROCK!!

Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:



2007-08-26 21:01:58

(besides krinkels)

(Updated ) Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

Krinkels gets his own day now, fuckin Madness day!


2007-09-04 17:32:17

i hope you can get over that girl who broke your heart.

Ronald-McDonald-LoL responds:

Not yet, but im wiser now.